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Amarok French Martingale

Amarok French Martingale

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The Amarok French Martingale lead is ideal for potty breaks and leash pressure training. Like a slip lead, the Amarok slips over your dog’s head, but instead of a traditional slip mechanism, the Amarok features a martingale-collar-style mechanism that applies even pressure to the neck. This leash features a tertiary o-ring* to keep the lead from loosening too much around the neck. 

  • Handmade to order. 
  • Made of genuine rock climbing rope.
  • Features metal o-ring to extend configuration possibilities.
  • Tertiary o-ring may vary*
  • Slip leashes are measured as the total length of rope. So, for example, a 4’ slip leash will function closer to a 3.5’ slip leash, depending on the size of your dog. 


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