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1.8T Wideband Tune

1.8T Wideband Tune

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06A Technik Wideband 1.8t ECU Tuning
'01-'06 EA113 1.8T Golf, GTI, Jetta, New Beetle, Passat, A4, Polo, TT.

Purchase requires you to ship your ECU to 06A Technik to be flashed. For information on shipping your ECU, please see our Shipping Instructions. We are not offering complete ECUs at this time.

Horsepower levels: All figures stated using 93 octane pump gas.  91 is usable, but you may not achieve stated output or efficiency.  Output is ultimately dependent on overall health of engine and its components.  

180 - Stock AWP Power rating.
180HP/173TQ. 10 PSI boost.

210 - Previously referred to as "Stage 1". Compatible with a completely stock engine, but will provide a bit more of an enthusiastic driving experience.
210HP/200TQ. 12 PSI boost.
Recommended hardware upgrades: None.

230 - **NOW AVAILABLE** A nice compromise between its companions above and below, the 230HP tune will provide a little extra kick in the pants, but is a little easier on things. 
230HP/210TQ. 14 PSI boost. 
Recommended hardware upgrades: Air Intake, Exhaust, diverter valve. 

250 - Previously referred to as "Stage 2". Moderately aggressive, but still conservative enough to be reliably daily driven.
250HP/270TQ. 22 PSI boost.
Recommended hardware upgrades: Air Intake, Silicone Inlet Pipe (TIP), Diverter Valve, Larger SMIC, Silicone Boost hoses, 2.5-3" high flow downpipe, free flowing 2.5-3" exhaust.

Hardware such as injectors, fuel pressure regulator, and MAF can be changed, but MUST be accounted for in the tune. If not, the engine will not run properly, if at all. If you are unsure of what hardware you have/want/need, contact us and we can help.

Please Note:
(+) We do not recommend more than 210 HP with an automatic transmission.  The automatic transmission is not very robust, and higher power levels may lead to premature failure.
(+) Launch Control/No Lift Shift and Crackle Pop are available for manual transmission cars only!
(+) Excessive use of Launch Control/No Lift Shift can and will cause damage to the engine and other related components. Use sparingly, or deal with the consequences.
(+) Engine Swap Cars: Launch Control/No Lift Shift will ONLY work if a mk4 gauge cluster, clutch switch, and vehicle speed sensor are operational in the swapped car. If not, you will likely have a volatile rev limit at 3500 RPM regardless of gear or speed. The only way to return to normal operation is to send the ECU back and have it reflashed, or wire in the components mentioned above.
(+) You, the vehicle owner/operator/customer, are ultimately responsible for making sure the engine is in good working order and healthy enough to properly operate within the demands of the tune being installed.  If any faulty components are present, they need to be tended to PRIOR to installation.  A tune will not magically fix your car.  
(+) Immobilizer Defeat is a requirement if the ECU being sent in is not original to the vehicle it is intended for.  It is also useful if intentions are to use it in another vehicle at some point, if the key or cluster are having issues, or as an added precaution of not having to worry about the system having issues down the road that will prevent the vehicle from being driven.
(+) You, the customer, are responsible for confirming the ECU you are sending is compatible with this service.  If you are unsure, please contact us with the part number of the ECU and we can help confirm compatibility. If an incompatible ECU is sent to us, your order will be at minimum delayed, or at worst canceled. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through the chat bubble at the bottom of the page.

06A Technik is dedicated to customer satisfaction. However, we cannot issue refunds for our services. Products are sold as-is and ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
If there is a problem with anything, we will do our best to rectify the issue. Cases of faulty ECUs occur occasionally. Replacement of faulty ECU’s will be handled on a case-by-case basis, under the discretion of 06A Technik.

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