1.8T Stage 2 Wideband Tune

1.8T Stage 2 Wideband Tune

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06A Technik Stage 2, '01-'05 Golf/GTI/Jetta/New Beetle/Polo/Passat/A4/TT (and other applicable 1.8T vehicles)
For vehicles with a wideband primary oxygen sensor.

This service requires you to ship your ECU to 06A Technik to be tuned. If you are looking for a complete ECU, click here. For information on shipping your ECU, please read our Shipping Instructions.

1.8t manual (5 or 6 speed), or automatic (please specify at purchase)
Engine codes: AWW, AWP, AWV, AUQ, AUM, BJX, AWM

All of the following comes standard.  If you would like something different, contact us.

    Capable of:

    • 250hp/270tq
    • Up to 25psi spike, hold 22psi


      Features available: 

      • Launch Control (2step)
      • No Lift Shift
      • Engine braking crackle/pop

      Please Note: 2-step/No Lift Shift and Crackle/Pop are available for manual transmission cars only!

        Makes use of stock 317 cc injectors (these will need to be swapped in longitudinal 1.8T cars, which have smaller injectors), stock K03s, and stock MAF.
        Appropriate bolt-on hardware upgrades necessary for optimal power gains.

        Recommended hardware upgrades:

        • Upgraded intake
        • Silicone turbo inlet pipe
        • Upgraded diverter valve
        • Silicone boost hoses
        • Upgraded side mount intercooler
        • 2.5-3" high-flow downpipe
        • Free flowing 2.5-3" exhaust system   

        Stage 2 Tune can be used on a completely stock car if you so choose.  The tune will adapt and learn as you install hardware upgrades.

        After purchase, please ship your ECU to us. Click HERE for all of the information needed to ship your ECU to us.

        If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through the chat bubble at the bottom of the page. 

        06A Technik is dedicated to customer satisfaction. However, we cannot issue refunds for our services. Products are sold as-is and ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

        If there is a problem with anything, we will do our best to rectify the issue. Cases of faulty ECUs occur occasionally. Replacement of faulty ECU’s will be handled on a case-by-case basis, under the discretion of 06A Technik.