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ME17 Immobilizer Defeat

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Immobilizer defeat/delete/removal of Bosch ME17 ECU's found in certain VW 2.5 5-cylinder vehicles newer than 2009.
Jetta, Rabbit, New Beetle, Passat, and more...
Applicable to ME17 GAS ECU's ONLYNo TDI.  
This service allows the installation of used ECU in another vehicle without having to match it to the cluster and key.  
Please keep in mind that the immobilizer light on the cluster may still flash, but the defeat/delete disregards this and allows the vehicle to run.  
Both stock and tuned ECU's can be Immobilizer defeated without issue.  
Most applicable ECU's have the following part number, followed by various letters.  If yours is not listed, feel free to ask if it can be done.  
07K 906 055
After purchase, please ship your ECU to us. Click HERE for all of the information needed to ship your ECU to us.

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